• Calne Town Centre

    Calne At Heart

    A prosperous market town with a thriving local economy in which people want to live and work. A town that is resilient to challenges through robust infrastructure and decision making.

  • White Horse Calne

    Beautiful Countryside

    Just out of Calne, Cherhill is Wiltshire's most dramatic White Horse carved on the chalk hillside in 1863 below Oldbury Castle, an Iron Age hill fort, and the 19th Century Lansdowne monument.

  • Calne Business

    THINK CALNE is an initiative launched by the Calne Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the fact that these are hard times for everyone in the town – residents and businesses alike

  • Historical Calne

    Historical Calne

    In AD 978 Anglo Saxon Calne was the site of a two-storey building with a hall on the first floor. It was here that St Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury met the Witenagemot in order to justify his controversial Church reforms.

  • Calne Tesco

    Calne Tesco

    Calne is becoming known for firsts of late and here is another one. The expectation is that the new Tesco Supermarket will open before Christmas.

  • Calne Wiltshire Mobile Apps Available Now

    Developed by the Calne CIC, the app allows you to explore our beautiful English town like never before and contains all the essential information you need to make the most of Calne and the surrounding countryside.

Welcome To Calne Wiltshire

The Gateway To Ancient Wiltshire 

Welcome to the Calne Wiltshire website. For those of us who live in the parishes nestling within this Add a Business Badgearea of outstanding beauty we already know what a fantastic place this is to live. For those of you who are visiting or new to the area you are assured of a warm welcome.

This website celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of what our community has to offer. Whether you are a resident, business, or visitor this site is for you. It contains all the information you need to get the most out of Calne. Find out what is going on. Find a business. Promote your business. Find the services you need. There are also local news feeds, updates on festivals, information on clubs and charities.

And by the way, this site is completely interactive so you can get involved. Use the blogs, submit your articles, let us know what’s happening in your life. Let us know about the events that are important to you. If you wish to advertise – go ahead; follow the simple instructions to complete your advert on-line.

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