by The Calne Wiltshire Town Guide on 10/08/2015 - 11:28 am

The sun came out to shine on the Calne Saturday Market where we saw the Tourism Group presenting the Wiltshire Cure & the A4 Tourist Route through Calne. There was a lot of interaction with the townsfolk of Calne and a real want for information. Presenting the Wiltshire Cure was Debbie Smith, Bob Marshall & Jane Marshall amongst other supporters and helpers. There has been a lot of press of late on the rebranding of Calne as the Home of the Wiltshire Cure (Wiltshire Ham)). It was great to see the old books from the Heritage Centre out on display and seeing Calne as it was in years gone by. The Harris family cured Ham in a special way and it became as a unique process accredited to Ca ...

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The Calne Bike Meet 2015

by The Calne Wiltshire Town Guide on 21/07/2015 - 03:27 pm

Yes it is upon us again. The fantastic Calne Bike Meet starts on Friday 24th July up on the Field with live bands.
The main event is in Calne Town Center on Saturday 25th July. here you will see live bands and around 7,000 motor bikes on display. In the evening the event moves back onto the Field for the Grande Finale. More bands, a firework display and a big celebration.
To see the Event Magazine just click on here!  Link

Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan

by The Calne Wiltshire Town Guide on 20/02/2015 - 01:15 pm

Calne Town and Calne Without Parish Council are embracing the Localism Act and are set to work on a Neighbourhood Plan to safeguard and future proof the Calne and Calne Without neighbourhood area.  To ensure development follows infrastructure, not the other way around, ensure the creation of employment, to tackle issues important for the town and surrounding parishes and create a framework of where and how we can acheive the community's aspirations for the future.  Equally, it will protect the community's heritage and improve and support tourism in the area.
The plan area will encompass Calne Town and Calne Without parish boundaries.  Calne Without Parish encircles Calne Town ...

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Wiltshire Ham is Coming Home

by The Calne Wiltshire Town Guide on 16/02/2015 - 11:34 am

The probability is there will be an increase in tourism in one of our Wiltshire County Towns. Working groups over the last few years have targeted a previously overlooked jewel with a rich heritage that is under exploited.
The Home of the Original Wiltshire Cure is to be reclaimed by Calne and be the main unique selling point in the ongoing resurgence of this county town. The creation of a new Heritage Quarter to focus on the many historic buildings, the development of the A4 as a tourist route, the Discovery of Oxygen and the awareness that Calne is a Gateway to nearby Historic sites. These are all the right ingredients to make the town a Tourist Hotspot.
The Wiltshire Cure process for me ...

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