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<h4>Carnegie Road / Porte Marsh Road</h4><p>Lcp Real Estate Ltd</p>
<p>LML Products Ltd</p> <h4>Clarke Avenue / Porte Marsh Road</h4><p>Acklea Ltd </p> <h4>Harris Road</h4><p>1st Choice Stairlifts Ltd</p>
<p>Altex Engineering Ltd</p>
<p>Back Stage Technologies (Europe) Ltd</p>
<p>Bbrb Ltd</p>
<p>DMN UK Ltd</p>
<p>Elm Office Products T/A Elm Workspace</p>
<p>Engineering Solutions S.A Ltd</p>
<p>Everything Everywhere Ltd T/A Orange</p>
<p>Exception EMS Ltd</p>
<p>Final TouchLtd</p>
<p>Fluidlink Hydraulics Ltd</p>
<p>Giles & Denning Ltd</p>
<p>GW Slade & Sons Ltd</p>
<p>HC Stark Ltd </p>
<p>Highlite (UK) Ltd</p>
<p>Jam Print Design & Printing Ltd</p>
<p>Maybey Hire Ltd</p>
<p>Messrs Webcox</p>
<p>Mount Soleil Ltd</p>
<p>Mr Christopher John Roberts</p>
<p>Mr Hing T/A Pizza Direct</p>
<p>Mr Kevin Paul Carter T/A The Wood Workshop</p>
<p>Mr Steven Nicholls T/A Nicholls Repair Shop</p>
<p>Quickfix Flooring Ltd</p>
<p>RM Tarrant Engineering </p>
<p>Socamel (UK) Ltd</p>
<p>Southwest Auto Trimming</p>
<p>Team Schemes</p>
<p>Wilts Electrical Contracting Ltd</p> <h4>Maundrell Road</h4><p>Alex Stiddard T/A The Fresh Baguette Company</p>
<p>Anarchy Motorcyles Ltd</p>
<p>Aristone Markets Ltd</p>
<p>Calne Auto Repair</p>
<p><a href='' target='_self'>Carlton Business Centre</a></p>
<p><a href='' target='_self'>ecopow Web Development</a></p>
<p>KTA Group Ltd T/A AM Autocare</p>
<p>North WessexTraining Ltd</p>
<p>NSW Ltd</p>
<p>P&E Board</p>
<p>Par Foods Ltd</p>
<p>Total Connections 2009 Ltd</p>
<p>Trilec Services Ltd</p>
<p>Wiltshire Council</p>
<p>Wright Electrical Company Ltd</p>
<p>Mediterranean Fine Foods (UK) Ltd</p>
<p>Olives ´N´ Stuff</p>
<p>Par Foods Ltd</p> <h4>Stanier Road</h4><p>Altex Engineering Ltd
<p> Bex Design Services Ltd  </p>
<p>Calne Engineering 
  Checkmore Ltd  </p>
<p>Checkmore Ltd  </p>
<p>Deceuninck Ltd </p>
<p>Deceuniunck Ltd  </p>
<p><a href='' target='_self'>Denwood Distrubutors</a></p>
 <p> H Crabtree (Calne) Ltd</p>
<p> Marden Management Ltd  </p>
<p>NCE Computer Group  </p>
<p>NCE Europe Ltd  </p>
<p>Pentagon Electronics Ltd  </p>
<p>Quantum Dynamics Ltd  </p>
<p>Robin Butler Engineering Ltd</p>
<p> St Edmond Lodge  </p>
<p>SVO (Calne) Ltd  </p>
<p>Team PM Ltd  </p>
<p>Wilkins Builders Ltd</p> <h4>Redman Road</h4><p>Customark Ltd</p>
<p>Exception Var Ltd</p>
<p>H&G Sims Ltd</p>
<p>Healtmatic Ltd</p>
<p>Jester'S Adventure Play Limited</p>
<p>Marketing Logistics Ltd</p>
<p>Mauell Ltd</p>
<p>Medequip Assistive Technology Ltd</p>
<p>Mr Graham Charles Zebedee</p>
<p>PP Injection Moulds & Moulding </p>
<p>Reylit Ltd</p>
<p>Sarivale Ltd</p>
<p>Sebakmt Ltd</p>
<p>Walton Design Ltd</p

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Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAA) is a registered charity providing an essential helicopter emergency medical service throughout the county and beyond.

Carlton House Maundrell Road United Kingdom , SN11 9PU

phone: view phone01380 739453

website: http://www.wiltshireairamb...

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Carlton Business Centre is a contemporary property located in Calne and recently modernised. We provide serviced office accommodation, hotdesking, professional business addresses (mailboxes) and virtual offices for businesses of all sizes and sectors

Maundrell Road Calne Wiltshire, United Kingdom , SN11 9PU

phone: view phone01249 816222

website: http://www.carltonbusiness...

e-mail: send an e-mail

3. Acklea Ltd

in Porte Marsh

Unit 1 Clark Avenue Porte Marsh Trading Estate Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom , SN119PP

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4. Alex Stiddard T/A The Fresh Baguette Company

in Porte Marsh

Unit4 Maundrell Road Porte Marsh Trading Estate Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom , SN119PU

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5. All Boxed Self Storage

in Home Move/Property, Porte Marsh by Ian Powell

Porte Marsh Road, Unit 2 Unit 2 Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom , SN11 9BW