The John Bentley School

We pride ourselves on having very positive relationships between students and teachers and we have high aspirations for every single learner. We want our students to enjoy school and to achieve success, and we believe that a strong partnership with parents is imperative for this. Our supportive and caring environment ensures that students in all sections of the school really thrive.

Whilst we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, we appreciate that school is about so much more than just lessons. We believe that our rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities, trips and visits gives our students the opportunity to experience learning outside of the classroom environment and helps them develop into well rounded, confident young adults.
Furthermore we have excellent facilities, a stunning setting and we are proud to be able to play a central role in the Calne local community.

We aim to make the process of Primary to Secondary transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that your child is confident, comfortable and ready to make the most of new opportunities. Our teachers spend time throughout the school year in our associated primary schools, ensuring that students are familiar with the staff that will be looking after them in their new environment. This also provides them with a foretaste of the lessons and activities they will experience.

We also provide opportunities for students to experience life at The John Bentley School during Years 5 and 6. We run many primary school focused activities which allow students to become comfortable with our surroundings and we would be delighted to see you at our drama and music performances throughout the year.

Parents/carers of Year 5 and Year 6 students are, in addition, invited to Open Evenings, which will give them the opportunity to speak to current students and members of staff, to view the facilities and to meet like-minded parents/carers.

All Year 6 students who have chosen our school are invited to spend a day with us during their final summer term. A specially designed timetable will deliver challenging and fun lessons with academic, physical and creative departments all involved.

In addition, future Year 7 students are invited to attend our Summer School, which runs at the beginning of the summer break. With a wide range of activities, Summer School provides a fun and supportive environment for children from different Primary schools to cement friendships.

The John Bentley School seeks to encourage each student to persevere and grow in self-confidence, to discover and fulfil their potential, to be ambitious and to be a good citizen in an international and ever-changing, dynamic world.

We help students to achieve more than they ever thought possible by providing inspiring, stimulating lessons, tailored to stretch each individual. We offer a broad range of activities as well as opportunities to explore the world and cultivate interests. We do this in a nurturing, happy environment, built on care and respect.

Our significantly improving exam results are underpinned by our focus on each individual student. We aim to ensure that your son or daughter is happy, is well liked and respected and is aware of their strengths and what they want to achieve with their lives. We are proud of our holistic approach towards developing accomplished young people and we work as a team to help each student find their own place in life, both within school and beyond.

We encourage students to become adaptable and flexible, as we believe these attributes are critical in today’s developing world. We are here to support and guide students on their individual learning journey. Providing them with the challenges, skills, values and experiences that will help them to think independently and prepare them for the next step.

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White Horse Way, Calne SN11 8YH, UK

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The John Bentley School

The John Bentley School is a community-focused academy set in the heart of stunning Wiltshire countryside in the historic town of Calne.

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